Open Positions

Disney Research is seeking to hire world-class senior research scientists in the following areas: Machine Learning, Data Mining, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, New Media and Interactive Storytelling, Human Computer Interaction Devices, Human-Robot/Character Interaction (including language-based interaction), and Behavioral Economics.

Disney Research is a network of research labs offering the best attributes of academia and industry. We highly encourage publication and protect via patents much of what we invent. We also encourage engagement with the global research community through university collaborations and leadership service in top-tier research conferences. We work actively with business units of The Walt Disney Company at all stages of research, from conception to commercialization. In some cases, labs are embedded within business units; in others, they are co-located with universities.

The members of the research scientist track are our principal investigators leading research and tech transfer efforts in their areas of expertise. Their efforts are in collaboration with a team of postdocs and interns. The research engineer track works primarily on advanced development but spends about one-third of its time on new research. The software engineer track provides support both for research and for tech transfer.