Disney Research

Ashley hails from Tucson, AZ where she became fascinated with persuasion and social influence as a result of a failed litter reform campaign she ran in the third grade. This frustration and curiosity with tragedy of the commons dilemmas followed her to the University of Chicago. There she studied Economics and Psychology while working as a research assistant at the Booth school of business. There, she secured competitive grant funding to conduct her senior honors thesis research on perspective taking errors. Following undergraduate work, she took a position at the University of Virginia’s Psychology and Public Policy school working as a lab coordinator. In addition to running field experiments and managing research assistants, she conducted her own research on group conformity. She pursued a doctorate at UCLA, where she has received the Eugene V. Cota-Robles Fellowship, the Center for Global Management assistantship, the Dare to Care Award, and the Dissertation Year Fellowship. Outside of UCLA, she has secured funding through the Department of Energy, the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, the Judgment and Decision Making Preconference fund and IDC Herzliya’s competitive summer enrichment program. Her research has been published in Psychological Science and featured in news outlets. More recently she co-authored an upcoming chapter in the Handbook of Marketing Analytics that outlines field research best practices. Ashley enjoys crossword puzzles and teaching her old dog, Smarty, new tricks.