Disney Research

David DiFrancesco was co-conspirator with Ed Catmull and Alvy Ray Smith at three centers of excellence in computer graphics: New York Institute of Technology, Lucasfilm Computer Division, and Pixar, where he was responsible for the pioneering design and development of PixarVision, the world’s first laser-based film recorder/scanner system for motion pictures. For this work, he won two Scientific and Engineering Academy Awards®. Before that, he was with Computer Image Corp. working on Scanimate with Lee Harrison, at Xerox PARC, with Dick Shoup working on the first 8-bit shift register framebuffer technology, and at JPL with Jim Blinn working on Carl Sagan’s Cosmos series. David holds 10 patents and has published papers and recommended practices on photo instrumentation with SPIE, SMPTE, and The Royal Photographic Society. His prototype film recorder resides in the permanent apparatus collection of the George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film. While at Pixar, David was a Lead Investigator, researching instrumentation to capture lightfields for use in 3D cinematography and videography.