Disney Research

J.Rafael Tena received a Licentiate degree in biomedical engineering from Universidad Iberoamericana (2002), an M.Sc. degree in medical imaging (2004) and a Ph.D. degree in computer vision/graphics (2007), both from the University of Surrey, England. He was a Research Associate at the University of Surrey where he worked in projects involving 3D face recognition and face modeling using 3D morphable models, in collaboration with the University of Stirling, OmniPerception Ltd, and BAE Systems. He joined Disney Research in October 2009 as a Postdoctoral Associate and became a Research Engineer in 2012. During his tenure at Disney Research, he has worked in a wide range of projects involving facial motion modeling, machine learning, facial biometrics, 3D printing, HDR imaging, animation retargeting, and animatronics.