Disney Research

As a Producer at Disney Research, Michael Holton helps the various divisions of Disney leverage Disney Research’s technology – matching business unit challenges with researcher interest and expertise. His work ranges from simply making introductions between researchers and business units people to managing large scale technology transfer projects with third party resources. He played an important role in establishing Disney Research’s relationship with DCP, DI, ABC, and ESPN – as well as strengthening Disney Research’s work with Parks and Resorts. He has run several cross-divisional workshops on topics such as Story, Metadata, and Robotics.

Prior to working at Disney, Michael had a diverse career starting out at UC Berkely in the 80’s as a Mechanical Engineer for Allied Signal Aerospace. He designed and project managed the new wing and rudder actuators and control system for Boeing’s 747/757 aircraft. Later as a Management Consultant, he advised the management teams and boards of Sprint, Boeing, Hughes/DirecTV, and Telstra on technology related strategies and acquisitions. At the height of the DotCom era he joined the venture capital fund STV Ventures, eventually selling the fund in 2009 to work with Disney. At STV, he served on the board of several companies with notable company sales of $100m+ for SDC to News Corp. and Lucix to Heico.