Olivier Bau

Post Doc
Disney Research Pittsburgh

Olivier Bau is an interaction researcher with interests in haptic displays, physical computing and visualization. He received his PhD in INRIA in France, and before joining Disney he worked at Sony corporate laboratories in Tokyo and Paris, as well as in MIT MediaLab.

Selected Publications

O. Bau, I. Poupyrev, A. Israr and C. Harrison. 2010.
TeslaTouch: Electrovibration for Touch Surfaces. in Proc. of UIST ’10. ACM.

E. Pietriga, O. Bau and C. Appert. 2009.
Representation-Independent In-Place Magnification with Sigma Lenses. In IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics

O. Bau, U. Petrevski and W. Mackay. 2009.
BubbleWrap: A Textile-Based Electromagnetic Haptic Display.
CHI ’09. ACM.

O. Bau and W. Mackay. 2008. OctoPocus: A Dynamic Guide for Learning Gesture-Based Command Sets. in Proc. of UIST 2008. ACM.

Research Interests

Interaction technologies and techniques: Physical computing, gestural interfaces, haptics, visualization