Non-linear Disparity Mapping for Stereoscopic 3D

Project Members

Aljoscha Smolic (Disney Research Zurich)
Alexander Sorkine-Hornung (Disney Research Zurich)
Oliver Wang (Disney Research Zurich)
Manuel Lang (ETH Zurich and Disney Research Zurich)

Stereoscopic 3D creates the illusion of depth. However, extremely careful design is necessary to ensure an excellent user experience, which has to consider display technology, human visual perception and artistic intent. One important functionality in this context is the ability to change the disparity composition (and with that, the depth perception) of the stereo content AFTER capture. This was not supported satisfactory by any system so far. In this ground-breaking work we developed algorithms that provide full control over disparity of given stereo. Intended manipulations of depth perception are formalized mathematically via a set of disparity operators. Disparities are modified via image domain warping based on sparse disparity and 3D saliency estimation. This approach avoids drawbacks of previous methods based on dense depth estimation, and enables for the first time fully automatic, real-time, accurate, and reliable processing. Application areas include automatic real-time stereo correction for live broadcast, post-production and display adaptation. Besides the more technical features (corrections, adaptations, conversions) also completely new artistic tools and production workflows can be designed, which exploit the fact that depth can be changed as desired in post-production.


Depth Image Based Compositing for Stereo 3D-Thumbnail

Depth Image Based Compositing for Stereo 3D
October 15, 2012
3D Television Conference (3DTV-CON) 2012
Paper File [pdf, 6.31 MB]

3D Video and Free Viewpoint Video – from Capture to Display-Thumbnail

3D Video and Free Viewpoint Video – from Capture to Display
December 1, 2011
Pattern Recognition 2011
Paper File [pdf, 1.50 MB]

Novel Stereoscopic Content Production Tools-Thumbnail

Novel Stereoscopic Content Production Tools
June 1, 2011
SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal 2011
Paper File [pdf, 408.44 KB]

3D-TV RnD Activities in Europe-Thumbnail

3D-TV RnD Activities in Europe
June 1, 2011
IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting 2011
Paper File [pdf, 547.37 KB]


Non-Linear Disparity Mapping for Stereoscopic 3D
July 25, 2010
Paper File [pdf, 20.46 MB]

Nonlinear Disparity Mapping for Stereoscopic 3D-Thumbnail

Nonlinear Disparity Mapping for Stereoscopic 3D
July 25, 2010
Paper File [pdf, 20.46 MB]

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