Painting By Feature

Project Members

Daniel Sykora (Czech Technical University in Prague)
Jean-Charles Bazin (ETH Zurich)
Alexander Sorkine-Hornung (Disney Research Zurich)



In this project, we propose a reinterpretation of the brush and the fill tools for digital image painting. The core idea is to provide intuitive tools that allow a user to paint in the visual style of arbitrary example images. Rather than a static library of colors, brushes, or fill patterns, our method offers users entire images as their palette, allowing them to select arbitrary contours or textures to be used as their brush or fill tool in their own creations. For realizing the brush tool, we propose a randomized graph-traversal algorithm which synthesizes a seamless stroke in real-time from a user-selected contour in another image. The fill tool combines the patch-match algorithm and inpainting techniques to achieve a similar style transfer for textured regions, and ensures seamless transitions between strokes and filled areas. Our tools allow users to intuitively create visually appealing images that preserve the visual richness and naturalness of arbitrary example images. We demonstrate the potential of our tools in various applications including interactive image creation, editing and vector image stylization.


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Painting by Feature
July 23, 2013
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