Surround Haptics

Project Members

Ali Israr (Disney Research Pittsburgh)
Ivan Poupyrev (Disney Research Pittsburgh)

Surround Haptics is a new tactile technology that allows users to feel digital contents directly on their body, from all possible directions. Unlike global vibration and full-body motion incorporated in many current technologies, the Surround Haptics technology produces high-resolution and localized tactile sensations using a small number of vibratory actuators. Users do not feel “buzzes” on their body that are common in current haptics technologies, instead they feel smooth tactile strokes moving across their body. Combined with stereoscopic visuals and surround sounds embedded in digital entertainment media, now the users also feel contents such as a spider crawling down their body, the wind blowing or rain drops dripping on their hand, and a finger touches and moves across their back. The technology has been integrated with video games, movies, rides, and toys to enhance Disney experience, and has a potential to be used in consumer products, medical and assistive devices, sporting equipments, automobiles, fabrics and more.

Tactile Brush Algorithm

Tactile Brush is an algorithm that produces smooth, two-dimensional tactile moving strokes on human skin. The algorithm is derived from psychophysical investigations and modeling of tactile illusions, which allow us to design high-resolution two-dimensional tactile displays using low-density grid of vibratory actuators. In a series of experimental evaluations we demonstrate that Tactile Brush is robust and can reliably generate a wide variety of moving tactile sensations for various actuation technology, body sites and embodiments. [More…]

Immersive Tactile Experiences

The Surround Haptics technology is integrated with a wide variety of entertainment and media contents, such that the contents are not only seen and heard but also felt, simultaneously. The tactile contents are carefully created and synchronized with visual and auditory cues to create effective and immersive experiences and increase the interest of users while playing video games, watching movies, etc. [More…]

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