DR Zurich Animation

Since the days of Walt himself, when Disney animation was first invented, the technical limitations of the animation pipeline have had a strong influence on the style of animation that can be achieved in a professional production environment. The Disney Research Zurich Animation Group strives to bypass technical barriers in the production pipeline with new algorithms that expand the designer’s creative toolbox in terms of depiction, movement, deformation, stylization, control, and efficiency. In many cases, interactive graphics is the new frontier and we strive to enable novel gameplay possibilities and realtime effects in our video games.

Associate Director & Principal Research Scientist
Cengiz Öztireli
Research Scientist
Maurizio Nitti
Digital Artist Sr.
Alessia Marra
Digital Artist
Martin Guay
R&D Post-Doc Associate
Steven Poulakos
Associate Research Scientist
Mattia Ryffel
Software Engineer
Hantao Zhao
PhD student
Samir Mahmalat
Research Associate
Dominik Borer
PhD student